Thursday, February 26, 2009

Red Velvet Chocolate Covered Kisses

Here are the promised pictures for the Red Velvet Chocolate-Covered Kisses. Sadly I got no pictures of the final product. :-( But you can go to the blog I found the idea for those. I did remember to take pictures in progress though which might prove helpful, because I came up with this idea all on my own.

The directions said to pour melted chocolate over my kissed shaped, red velvet cake and icing mixture. Great, but how do you get it to not blob? This way:
Precariously balance your kiss on two knives. The chocolate which runs off can be poured back into the double boiler to be used again (which was really really handy--I got three more pours from doing that).

Action shot: However, I would question how effective pouring really is. It doesn't make a smooth coating over the kiss. I wasn't sure how to dip them though either. I ended up referring to them more as chocolate mountains. Whatever they resembled, the unanimous reaction was enthusiastic. Everyone loved them. :-)

It was fun, but a long process. Probably three hours with the caking baking, the hand shaping, and the drizzling. Plus there are like three cooling off periods you've got to put in there. I was very tired by the end. Oh but it was so worth the reactions. I'd totally make them again.

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