Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memories: aka Sappy Post

I was cleaning last week in our coat closet. (It was Entrance/Dining Room week on Flylady.) And I found some wedding presents that I had put away thinking they didn't fit our style. But I opened up this porcelain frame (which featured a cheesy generic bible verse) and thought one of our wedding pictures would look really great in this. We only have a couple pictures displayed, and I loved our wedding so we should have more. So I found a nice b/w proof of our wedding party and set it up by our wedding cake topper (that came the Monday after the wedding... sigh) with tea lights from IKEA. The whole thing still strikes me as mushy, but wedding days are supposed to be mushy.


hannah said...

I like it! It's not that mushy.

hannah said...

ps your wedding was pretty fun.