Friday, February 13, 2009

Life Lessons from Flood-it!

I'm kind of addicted to this game Flood-it! I found it through the google homepage game search. The idea is that you systematically try to flood a board with random boxes in six colors to all one color in a certain number of rounds. Try it out!

I have spent many hours (hours, really?) trying to figure out the strategy of this game. Is it best to try to advance as far as possible with each round or do I try to get as deep into the board as fast as I can? I guess the answer is a mixture of both, but I've found that when I focus and barrel through the board as quickly as possible, I usually win. Even if it means sacrificing advances in other directions, hitting either the bottom or the right side usually exposes enough blocks that I can flood the board with the given number of rounds. And as I ponder this fact and test its reliability in the game, I wonder if this is true for life. There's certainly an amount of "get as much exposure everywhere" in high school and college, but pretty quickly people want you to focus and pursue an interest (aim for a side if you will) and get there as quickly as you can. As you pursue that area, the other parts of your life will also open up as a convenient by-product. But there are times that doesn't work. There are times when you need to expand in a different direction before you get stuck. So really the life lessons would be: Keep an eye on the whole board, but don't get too distracted from any chosen path. Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Huh. I could have just played poker for my life lesson.


nate said...

nice. i'm hooked now too.

i like your idea about trying to work down the sides. it looks like we want to expand the block as quickly as possible, so that it connects to as many colors as possible each time (to pay off in later rounds as we get above 15) i think a good strategy is to try to make an inner circle that can expand inwardly and outwardly.

your thoughts?

nate said...

hooked. and i'm back.

i'm looking for the longest legs possible. and trying to think ahead one move to get to them. usually working them in multiple directions as i can. diagonally or left and down.

-think ahead one move at all times
-multitask or else!
-colors don't matter. all that matters is the shape and size you are (or will be someday)
-this game is like a tumor, which is bad. but in this game its good.
-jesus is coming back in 25 rounds so you better be ready before the clock counts down

brnh said...

Nate, it's very addictive. Add it to igoogle and it keeps stats for you. V. bad for a competitive nature. ;-)

I'm amused by the tumor analogy. I like the thinking one move ahead lesson. It's never been my strong point. Now I have a great reason to keep playing.