Sunday, February 8, 2009

Favorite Things: My List Book

I've gone through a lot of list-making tools. I used to use scraps of paper. And then I bought cute little $1 Target notebooks that had "Chocolate" written on the front (in French). I then used my palm pilot (which has not yet been sync'ed to my Mac bought Fall '07). Then I used the little notecard holder I made. But for the past two-three weeks I've been using this little list book:
It's from an Etsy How-To Tuesday video with yoursecretadmiral. And thus far it's been really good. It helps me plan out my next day (helpful since I've started using flylady again) and it allows me to float things over to the next day without having to locate that piece of paper I was using. I have discovered that I must print them off in color though. I don't use the black and white editions as much. This probably indicates that my little list book is a novelty and will soon fall into disuse, but hopefully by then I'll have my palm actually loaded on my computer. It's on my list anyway...

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nate said...

how do you like flylady? tell me more.