Thursday, February 12, 2009

Embroidery of the Napkin Persuasion

I finally broke out the embroidery hoop again. (Crud! Lent is 2 weeks away and Mike needs another stole. Stupid church year.) This is from Grandma Hanel's fabric stash--the linen tablecloth and napkins set. It's for tea. I need to buy a tea pot! She managed to have most of the embroidery thread already purchased so I just needed to find the henna/red/pink color.

I decided to start with the napkins to get used to the design guide and the stitches before I busted out the tablecloth. I kind of like the backstitch/loop stitch/cross stitch mixure, which is odd, because I did so much cross-stitch in grade/high school that I just kind of associate it with awkward adolescence. I think for the other 3 napkins I'm going to switch out the backstitch for an outline/rope stitch instead. I like how that curves more. And dispite being okay with the cross-stitched leaves I may always wonder what it would look like with a satin stitch instead. The weave is pretty big though so that might be the reason for cross- and back-stitching.

Okay so I do kind of need some help though. I haven't done any internet research yet, but it's really bugging me that I can't get this linen wrinkle-free. Maybe I've worked with too many poly-blend fabrics but geez! So anyone know how to iron linen? And the second question I have is even more obscure (knowing my audience). Are there any tips for making sure that back looks as neat as possible? I've never done any work where the back is going to be so exposed. It feels odd. Looks kinda cool, but odd nonetheless. Anyway I'll show off more as I get into the nitty-gritty of the tablecloth work.


Alli said...

Oh, very pretty! For ironing, starch is ESSENTIAL. Soak your napkins, wring out the excess water, starch them up, then iron them dry. The wrinkles should come right out. As far as the back goes, the best way to keep it neat is to tuck your tails under your stitches rather than knotting. I usually meet the embroidery experts halfway and knot, then tuck the tail.

brnh said...

Starch! That's what I was missing. Well the good news is that I hate making knots. Hate, hate, hate. So I tuck tails anyway. I was just worried that the tucking might come undone. I knew you'd know! Thanks so much!