Thursday, February 5, 2009

2nd Stole Finished!

It's kind of amazing how well this came out. It is still puckery. I think if I did this again, I'd use fusible interfacing cut to the actual size and then cut seam allowances around it. Actually that would also make the pieces much easier to align the pieces and sew them together. I couched gold metallic thread to do mimic rays of light, which was fun. This type of metallic thread does not turn corners well, so it's all straight lines and looks beautiful. The weird bright yellow fabric on the left is part of his ordination stole.

On the back I embroidered a light gold cross. It's a simple design. I should have made the angle steeper, but I wasn't sure how the long stitch would look. I used a split stitch to border the cross. I had no more dark gold thread (used it all on the couching) so I thought a color closest to the background of the pieced material would be appropriate. It's unique at least. ;-) I also evidently had centering issues. Generally, I have very good perception of equal distances and leveling.

So this is the result of the work. It is very nice. The white is dull satin. It's a very pretty fabric, but it frays like crazy! I'm still picking little white threads off everything. I might choose to use brighter colors. It kind of blends in from a distance. But as it is, I kind of like the whole effect. It seems like peaceful, calm winter which works quite well for Christmas and Epiphany seasons which cover the deep cold of winter. And well it has snowed on Easter before.


Alli said...

Wow, gorgeous stitching!

brnh said...

Thanks! It's hard to let go of the perfectionism.