Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow storm 09

I haven't left my apartment since Monday 4pm. No cabin fever. Just pure bliss. Sunday and Monday were horrible since I developed a nasty cold (which I now think I got from my brother in the hour I saw him over the weekend--Thanks Tim!). So Tuesday and Wednesday I could sleep in and relax and watch way too much Grey's Anatomy*. Oh and work on Mike's stole (which currently does look like a stole albeit an unfinished one). I lived in my pjs and enjoyed the fact that our apartment never gets below 75 degrees. (Our heat is controlled by the apartment complex. I know we pay for it through our rent, but we can't "save" money by trying to make our apartment cooler so it's just very nice and toasty.) Absolutely perfect for being comfortable inside when the outside is covered in a half inch of ice and much much more snow.

But such an idyllic life cannot last forever. One must return to the real world. And such I did this morning. I have to go to work tonight for the only time this week. Score! (Sick day, snow day, snow day.) And Mike had been leaving ominous hints about my car being hard to get out. (Yes, Mike left the apartment over the past three days while I did not.) So I figured before I got distracted by my day and tried to leave for work at the last possible moment, I'd clear off my car. The picture above is what greeted me. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought to bring in my scraper or anything. Fortunately, the ice kind of popped off the car pretty easily so I was able to get to my scraper in a couple minutes. So by the second picture you can see just how much snow and ice was piled on my car. It was kind of cool. There was a layer of snow on top, then a pretty thick layer of ice, then more snow below that, and the little icey melty things you get before snow accumulates. So I could dig out the second layer of snow and then push the ice off like an ice floe. Pretty stinking cool if you ask me.

However, Mike's biggest concern was the snow piled behind the car because of the snow plows. So I saw a couple of guys shoveling out their car and asked if I could borrow their shovel, which happened to be one of the office's shovels, after they were done. So the guy brought it over and started shoveling out my car. I told him it wasn't necessary, but he said his roommate was helping another person so he might as well. But I didn't get a chance to make sure he had shoveled out enough before he left (though he did leave the shovel). And so when I realized I would need to shovel out some more, one of our friendly maintenance guys happened to be nearby, offered to move the shovel and then shoveled a wider path for my car. Pretty stinking nice of him. And I simply had to return the shovel to our apartment office and hurry inside to defrost my fingers. :-) Beautiful. So now on to a day of more Grey's Anatomy and stole making plus some application packet assembly.

*I really really hate the ferry boat crash arc and all the dumbness that comes out of that story line. Meredith almost dying and she and her mom trading places and Alex and Jane Doe. Just hate it. And that's really very sad because up until that point I thought Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy was really good--better than I remembered--except now it has the stupid stupid ferry boat crash.

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