Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh CBD How You Amuse Me

Most internet sellers are worried about account hackers or "unintentional" purchases, not Christian Book Distributors. They're worried about spoiling your gift giving...

PLEASE NOTE: The following email may contain information about gifts to be delivered from Christian Book Distributors (CBD). If someone else shares this email address with you -- and if you have not recently placed an order at CBD--please...DO NOT READ ON... We don't want to spoil any surprises! If you HAVE placed an order and are expecting a confirmation please scroll down for that information.

It warms the cynical cockles of my heart. I just want to pat the whole company on the head and pinch their cheeks.


Alli said...

Haha, that is adorable.

Megs said...

Awwww - what a happy little post! That just made me smile in my li'l heart!