Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

Normally I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve. A new year means write the wrong year on papers, checks, and blogs. New Year's Eve means staying up late which I don't do very well and only under the right circumstances. And most of my life revolves around an academic calendar where fall is really full of "New Year" anticipation. And religiously all the excitement of Christmas and Epiphany really leave little holiday emotion for New Year's celebrations in between.

But this year, a New Year's quirk has gotten my attention. I've blogged about the Bible blog I follow. It's a one-year plan, and I jumped in around April. Things were in full swing so I was doing a big of extra reading to regain ground in fun books like Leviticus and I Thessalonians. My unstated goal was to finish the Bible by the end of the year. And I got really close I only had to read Genesis, Exodus and Job on my own over break, but I didn't even read the plan over break so that didn't happen. But I did catch up on January 1st, and I noted the moment when each of the four readings came to a close at the same time. Now the Bible isn't exactly chronological, but these last four readings did come to absolute ending places: Revelation which looks forward to the second coming of Christ, the last psalm which is really just bunches of praise, II Chronicles which looks forwards to the release of Israelites from the Babylonian captivity and Malachi which looks forward to the second coming of Elijah. It's like everyone just stopped to take a big breath and wait...

...And then we start back into Genesis and creation, Matthew and the beginning of the story of Jesus, Acts and the beginning of the church, and Ezra and the return from Babylon. So very rarely do these new beginnings line up so lovely in the midst of various starts to new things in my life. And therefore when they do, it is reason to take a big breath, pause and wait... What will begin next?

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