Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Crafting

I did manage a bit of crafting for Christmas gifts this year mostly because there were things too good to pass up. For instance, back in September I found this instructables tutorial for a beard hat (via CRAFT magazine). There is one person in my life who would love a beard hat so I saved the project in google reader.
Then I remembered it four days before we were leaving to meet said brother in St. Louis. (Train of thought: Rats! Paper, paper, packing, lunch, work... crocheting? When do you crochet?) But this is a really quick project AND it allowed me to ask my brother how big his head was. Gotta love siblings! Fortunately my head is smaller.
So this was the result on Christmas morning. We added two vintage John Deere hats from Mike's grandpa's hat collection. (Those are awesome too. Green fake fur!) Present deemed success.

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