Friday, January 30, 2009

Brain Crack

Before I found the vlogbrothers, fiveawesomegirls, and Doctor Who episodes on Youtube, I found Ze Frank. He was amazing--funny, insightful. I spent several days catching up on 9 months of daily vlogging that I wasn't cool enough to be an early adopter of. But he stopped vlogging in March of 2007, and it made me sad, even though I admire his commitment to stick to his guns and not like the show dissolve into suckiness. But the fact remains: he stopped producing, I stopped watching.

Until now Warning: he does used the "f word". High school cousins should not click through and professional church workers should think twice before clicking through at work. :-)

Anyone who has been applying to grad schools for as long as I have has to wonder if she's been addicting to brain crack. I don't idealize Ph.D. programs anymore. I've watched friends get final dissertations returned delaying graduation, my husband struggle to keep up with the course load, and Ph.D. comics wonder time and again if their hilarious satrical strip actually drives people to apply to grad school. Heck this past semester I've had my share of returned papers, horrible translating days, and general feelings of "what did I get myself into." But it's still my best option. I don't have any clear idea of where my life might go if I don't get a Ph.D., if I'm not teaching in a university. I have plenty of ideas of what I might do (computer programing, craft maven, public speaking), but that's all brain crack, allowing me to think those ideas might be feasible when in reality they all require a considerable departure from what I have been doing for the past 5-9 years. So I'm still going to get up from my couch and go hand in my application packets today. I'm aware of my brain crack. I just need to decide what ideas need to be put into action so they don't get idealized.

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Michael Hanel said...

Wait a second, did you just coup Lifehacker on a story??? They're following you!

brnh said...

Nah they just also follow Merlin Mann. The sad thing is he published this at the first of the year and for some reason his feeds "republished" today and we're both just highlighting them now.