Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hi blog reader! It's been quite a while. Too long really. But it was very necessary. I learned that jobs and full-time graduate school do not mix, at least not for me. I enjoy being a student too much and really hate it when I have to do less than my best simply because of time constraints.

So what has been going on? Well I've finished two out of my three classes. I still have a paper to work on for one of my Lit classes which is not cool, but it will be really good because of the extra time. The Hebrew class ended well I think. My reading improved dramatically from my perspective. My New Year's resolution is keep reading Hebrew 15 minutes a day.

Next up is applications to Hebrew Union, UC, and the Lilly Fellowship program. Application time is always stressful as I try to figure out how best to present myself. But the apps are due February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd so a bit of stress is worth it.

I had a great holiday. Lots of time with my parents and my brother. We met up with my brother at his camp in Wartburg, IL and drove in his new car "Blue Steel" to my parents'. The very next day we started on my mom's Christmas present, painting the living room, dining room, and hallway a light blue-grey which she absolutely LOVES! (We know; she told us several times each day.) We finished in time to get the Christmas tree up on Dec. 23rd. We did a tree all in gold ornaments--v. beautiful. Mom and I did some fabulous after Christmas shopping. Then on Sunday we went to St. Louis for big family Christmas on my mom's side. 26 people in one house--that's amazing. Monday, we attended a retirement party for one of mentors from High School. The Tuesday we drove home. So it was busy, but very relaxing. And I'm glad to be home, but we're also gearing up for busy-ness here too. Mike will be installed as assistant pastor at our church on Sunday and then we go back to work and school. :-)

So more blogging will happen here again. Hopefully some crafting will happen soon. I still have some gifts to craft. :-)

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Alli said...

Welcome back, happy new year, and best of luck with everything!