Sunday, December 7, 2008

OCLC Petition

Hey all! Another little procrastination public service announcement:

I consider you all to be people who care about education and access to information (and other more random things). I don't know how many of you use OCLC (Online Computer Library Center or, but if you haven't used it personally, if you've looked anything up in an online catalog from your favorite library, your library's probably used their services anyway. It's a really useful service to find where the nearest location of a book you is or to look up random publishing information. I've been using it a lot recently to find out if a book I can't get at NKU is at UC or in the Hamilton Public Library system.

Now, they're trying to making a proprietory claim on the cataloging information that thousands of libraries have uploaded to their site and thereby limiting everyone's access to the information. Copyright is crazy these days, but here we're talking about factual information that has been supplied by mostly non-profit organizations. So if you love your library even half as much as I do, check out (and sign) this petition and the related information. The skeptic in me says OCLC will do what it wants, but you can never underestimate the power of a grassroots movement.

Here's one more link to a better worded argument against OCLC's proposed change in terms.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm in BIG Trouble

Just a quick pop-in at the end of my scheduled work week and before my unscheduled work weekend. In a week (if I don't ask for extensions which I really don't want to do), I'll have two papers written and the last of my Hebrew translated for class. Then there's one more translation and paper to write on said translation and I'm done.

Meanwhile Google Reader changed their format so I was reading about it on their blog. Did you know Google puts together feed bundles for you? I really want the Apple bundle, the Astronomy bundle, the Crochet bundle, the Doctor Who bundle... Yeah, so I won't take you through the whole alphabet. But I'm currently doing everything I can to hold myself back (not easy). I already have a back-blog. (Ha! Cheesy pun!)