Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ecclesiastical Embroidery: It is finished!

Hear the victory cry! (A week late of course.) After freaking out about the GRE being 8 days away and having 2 1/2 books to read in a weekend and needing to do a project for a church committee oh and planning my bible study for the next morning (Micah!), I sat down to spent some quality time with a needle, some thread, and Bones. (I'm one episode away from finishing Season 2--big fan when they don't show all the graphic, gory details. I get enough graphic gory details in "literature".) Anyway here is the result:
Click here to see the before. Wow so that was kind of a lot of work. So it's pointy in the back, right? Evidently pointy in the back is hard so that part's a little wonky. But I think the design is pretty solid. The instructions I used have you machine stitch the inside seam (the part closest to the neck) which gets the most wear. I think machine stitching is stronger in general (unless you're talking about buttons) and well easier. Then the outside is handstitched which saves you the trouble of trying to turn the stupid tube inside out which can be incredibly difficult. (Of course the handstitching did take the length of the Godfather and two or three discs of Bones.) And it just seems like a nice touch on a handmade piece.

So that's it. Mike can get ordained now. Now I just have Advent/Lent, Christmas/Easter, and Pentecost/Epiphany to make. Fortunately, the woman who painted this beauty has another piece in the works, and it might even be a full stole so we'll see what happens. I think those can wait until after classes finish though. Until then Ecclesiastical Embroidery is on hiatus. Whew!

You can see just a bit of the set-back method I learned for this project. It keeps the lining from peeking out of the edge of the stole. (The little patch is from the woman who painted it.)

Here's the embroidery in action. It's my design contribution to the stole.


Alli said...

Wow, it's really gorgeous. Great job!

alaina said...

looking good bethany! congrats on the feat!!

Megs said...

Oh, Bethany - that is BEAUTIFUL! Lucky, Mike!

brnh said...

Thanks, everyone!