Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Blog Reader,

Dear Blog Reader,

I am sorry that I have been so sluggish in posting interesting bits of my thoughts and life. The truth is I've forgotten where I've put them in the stacks and stacks of books about knowledge of STDs in the early twentieth century and interpretations of Clarissa Dalloway. They're jumbled up in the mass of Hebrew-ish sounding words that I'm trying oh sorry hard to pronounce right when I know that if ONLY my parents had been Jewish this would be so much easier for me. They're piling up in the corners of my mind waiting to be shared with the blogosphere and acting as meditation for my library updating. But that's where they'll have to stay for now--hidden, jumbled, shoved in a corner. One day I'll have time to muse again, but for now I'm going to take a blogging break so I can give all things their proper focus.



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Alli said...

I'll miss your posts - I hope things settle down soon!