Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Okay so the squirrel inflicted wound on my pumpkin started growing things, and Mike was getting worried so I had to carve my pumpkin now or forever hold my peace. So here are the results.

First is my Obama pumpkin. I got the pattern from Yes We Carve. I had to enlarge the pattern a bit to fit the pumpkin. It turned out more oval than round, but we'll blame that on the pumpkin shape.

However, I did have that nasty squirrel gnawing wound and no pattern with a cut big enough to take it out so I had to create another face, with really big ears--kind of like a Dopey, the dwarf in pumpkin form. Sadly the pumpkin makes him look down.

1 comment:

Michael Hanel said...

wow two faces on one pumpkin?