Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I had a very productive 3 day weekend and a semi-productive and very busy Monday, and now it's Tuesday afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. No I did not sleep until noon, but I did watch two episodes of Bones, read half of Twilight and catch up on my Youtube subscriptions.

This lack of getting things done actually started last night when I pulled out Twilight again because I've been reading for a lot of homework-y type situations. (In fact, my "fun" reading has included the book Getting Things Done.) It was wearing on me, but I knew once I pulled out a truly fun book, I would read it until I was done. Sigh. Maybe that should just be my goal for the day. Oh but here's the point about pulling out Twilight last night, some people find money in coat pockets stored during the summer. I found money in Twilight. $20! Score! And today watching my Youtube videos I think I might have found the perfect thing to spend it on Paper Towns and Let It Snow. They're bundled together on Amazon with a 5% discount making them $21.61. :-) Too bad Mike told me not to spend it all in one place. What a saver!

Anyway, I currently have the theme song of Bones spinning through my head and mashing with Neil Cicierega's (of Potter Puppet Pals fame) new video 123456 Pokemon:

So yeah... evidently every day can't be as productive as my weekend. But I am going back to Twilight. Bella's about to see Edward dazzle.

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