Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Part 4: Oh Actual Embroidery?

So now comes the part where the infamous Ecclesiastical Embroidery class actually has merit. On the back of almost every stole is a little embroidered/applique cross over the center seam. It's pretty, and I'd like to think it reinforces this high-stress point. So I sat down, flipped through several cross designs and settled on a slightly flared cross with rounded ends. I then ran into the problem every embroiderer faces: how do I get the stupid design on the stupid fabric? I ended up free-handing it. So the arms of the cross are a bit uneven. But it was really cool. I used a circle about the size I wanted and traced that, quartered it, and divided the arms. Easy peasy. Then came embroidering through the interfacing, painted fabric, and the seam allowance. Not so easy. Very sharp needles. But it provides good reason to watch tv. Let's see so this is a long/short stitch. The same as the cross with the crown of thorns for those who keep track. The nifty thing I started on this one was to measure the lines I wanted to follow instead of hoping I kept things straight. It made the work a bit more brainless. I outlined it with a bit darker thread and wished I had done couching instead of a straight stitch. I think my spacing would have be a bit better. Oh well, all lessons for next time.

Next step: Basting the interfacing and sewing the inside seam.

Update: This is what I needed to transfer my design... Sigh.


Megs said...

"how do I get the stupid design on the stupid fabric?"

BWAHAHAHA! You are hilarious.

And talented - your embroidery is gorgeous.

What a sweet gift. :)

Sarah said...

B- You never cease to amaze me with how domesticated you are! I am impressed. I don't have the attention span to do the things you're doing!