Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Reading Update

Okay so I didn't post about my blog purge when I promised, but I'm going to now. I got my blog subscriptions down to 98 and that includes a couple new ones that I've added. Seriously, I may need professional help. I will admit that I had to take out a couple duplicates and I did get rid of a couple blogs that hadn't updated in months. All that being said, my google reader stats do show that I went from reading upwards of 180 posts at least 4 out of 7 days in a week, down to 120 at the high. It's still a lot, but I've also been making more use out of my google short cuts so I "read" a post, but I don't actually assimilate most of the words.

Nate asked for some of my favorite blogs so I thought I'd give my favorite blog in my 10-ish catagories. (Note: Some of the categories don't really fit; I'm not good about keeping up with good summaries as my blog subscriptions change.):
  • People I know: Actually I lied, I'm not going to give a favorite for this one because it's not fair to play favorites with friends. All the people who comment on my blog are included in this category, and I read ALL of your posts everyday.
  • People I don't know: I created this category when I realized that I have a tendency to get really wrapped up in the lives of people I've never met, but I've slowly weened myself from that and now have to say it only contains one blog that posts with any regularity:Feministe. While Feministe is a bit hard-core for me, I've found this blog to be really eye-opening in identifying various policies and how they affect women. It's really helped me clarify my position on a number of issues both where I'd agree with the Feministe bloggers and where I'd disagree.
  • Business Blogs: Merlin Mann isn't updating much, but I still love his site43 folders. Most prolific site of the category Freakonomics, which I really should unsubscribe to, but it's just so good.
  • Books and Writing Blogs: Man I love every blog in that category. Bookshelves of Doom for Adolescent Lit; John Green's blog who is half of my favorite Youtube channel; LibraryThing which if you don't have a LibraryThing account, get one and then borrow my barcode scanner so you can get all your books in an online library; and Unshelved which is a hilarious library themed comic (you can get me Unshelved tshirts for Christmas).
  • Fashion Blogs: They keep me from really shopping, but my favorite is Go Fug Yourself which also fills my celebrity gossip need.
  • Decorating Blogs: which are really like Homey type blogs; Fav=The Kitchn (which gives me great recipes that I forward to my husband), second fav that's actually decorating Ikeahacker.
  • ESV Bible Blog: has its own category to remind me to pay attention when I read it.
  • Life hacker: Also has its own category because it's that good and really prolific (20 posts a day). This has my most starred posts so I can implement stuff I learn on the site.
  • Theology Blogs: Man this one is hard. For conservative LCMS theology, you have to do Cranach, Gene Veith's blog. For not-so-conservative, non-LCMS theology, I read Beauty and Depravity every day. If I wasn't Lutheran and if I lived in Seattle, I totally join Quest church.
  • Craft Blogs: The very last category I read during the day because it makes me the happiest. Favorites: Angry Chicken, Soulemama, Sew Liberated--these blogs are I started my google reader. (Interestingly enough all three have kind of moved away from the crafting genre, but I still love to read them.) For help and inspiration in sewing Sew, Mama, Sew has great tutorials especially for the holiday season, BurdaStyle has free clothing patterns, and The Princess Seam sews beautiful clothes in a way to which I wish to aspire.
And these were just the favorites!! Now you know the reason that I have such a hard time purging my blog reader. Oh but they're all so good. Diverse interests plus lots of people who hit on good things enough of the time to follow them.

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Megs said...

Ah, dear, you put me in grave danger of doubling my own reader . . .