Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To Do List Holder

Like any good "J" (see Myers Briggs post), I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to list making. Sometimes that compulsion comes in the form of numerous lists or obsessively re-writing lists in better order or adding things to my list just so I can cross them off; Other times it comes in the medium of the list itself, like my PDA grocery list, Remember the Milk with google calendar, only using post-its, and this gorgeous little To Do List Holder. The idea and tutorial came from A Little Hut. You will surely notice the ubiquitous fabric selection. (The navy thread is almost out! Ack!) I did add that little bit of sewing detail to stabilize the fabric because I'm not sure Patricia managed to keep everything so neat. I'm also not quite sure how she secured the fabric, but I used hot glue. The first incarnation of the project (which got ripped apart before pictures could be taken) ended up with bumpy hot glue which was a major factor in it's being torn apart. (It has got to feel nice.) But as I was hot gluing the second time, I realized that I could smooth out the bumpy glue with a hot iron if I took care to keep the glue from coming into direct contact with the iron plate. Wow that could have saved my project, but I think this second incarnation is a nicer product overall.

The pocket detail on the back was mentioned in the variations and comments. I'm not totally sure what I would use it for; too much strain will probably do bad things to the glue and I tend to stuff pockets. But it was fun to play with the fabric and figure out how to make this pocket look nice.

So here was my major revelation: Iron really helps. The sewing books all say ironing is necessary in seemingly unnecessary detail and endless repetition, but it's true. It was much easier to sew a straight line when my line had already been pressed straight. It was easier to glue when the fabric just flipped over the glue where it was supposed to go and I didn't have to stick my fingers in hot glue. :-) Plus I have a brand new iron which among the other truly useful features has a retractable cord which makes it that much more fun to take out and put away. So if you work with fabric, iron it multiple times during your project.

PS I'm totally in love with my hardwood floors right now. Yeah, they've been improperly finished a few too many times so that flecks of peeling varnish stick to your feet and while the apartment complex would be willing to fix it, that would require moving your thousands of books, but don't they look pretty in the morning light with the shadow?

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