Sunday, September 21, 2008

Testing 1, 2, 3

Okay this is a pic-tastic post. I had to try out my new light box bought at IKEA yesterday. It's a Jall laundry basket. I found out about it via ikea hacker. And if I took the time to set it up properly I probably would get slightly better results. But as it is it's just a bared lightbulb. (Yes, I do really have lampshades for all my lamps, but it works better with a bare lightbulb. It works better with a really bright work lamp, but I'm winging it.) I would have used the desk lamp I bought at IKEA for this purpose, but it requires an R bulb of which we have none. Go figure.

Why is this important? Well, because today was the "Get to Know Everyone" Classics party. And one of the people I talked to had this He'Brew beer. So I had to try it. And bring the bottle home for photographic evidence. Here's what the label says:
HE'BREW (That W really is a shin in Hebrew FYI.)
The Chosen Beer
A Rich and Robust Dark Brown Ale
Messiah Bold
L'Chaim! To Life!
It's the beer you've been waiting for.
Oh jeez, don't I love good messianic prophecy jokes. Oh wait! It was "conceived" in San Francisco and brewed in New York. What do you want to bet that it was only brewed in New York because of the tax census? (NERD JOKE! NERD JOKE! JUDEO-CHRISTIAN NERD JOKE!)

This bottle is so going by my Sin Boldly "pencil holder" from Old Lutheran (because you can't sell beer on the internet). It's sadly no longer available, but the quote comes from Martin Luther who wrote to Philip Melchanthon to "Sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly." Hence, don't obsess over sin, believe you're forgiven and live your life as best you can. (Okay that's a bit flippant, but for someone with a guilt complex it's great!)

I do need to figure out the light tent a bit more. I probably need a stronger bulb and two light sources. (The pictures are still pretty dark.) And if I could figure out a way to stabilize the base while turning the tent 90 degrees so I could get the metal legs out of the glare, that would be good too. Oh yeah! I also need to not set the tent up on a chair... Definitely need more flat space in the apartment. Sigh.

Oh but the background is IKEA craft paper.


alaina said...

oooh, I actually really like He'brew. :) It's good beer!

nate said...

agreed. delicious.

how's the Old Lutheran beer?

brnh said...

It is good beer, a bit dark, but good.

Nate, unfortunately there is no actual Old Lutheran beer, just Old Lutheran beer bottles. Though there are rumors of Katherine Von Bora Luther's beer recipe, so if anyone actually found that, I'd consider it the quintessential Old Lutheran beer.