Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Saga of the Curtains

I have been a tad bit obsessed about curtains. See in my first apartment I had cute little lacy curtains in my bathroom that used to be my great grandma's, and I also had a big floral curtains in my large bedroom window. Both sets were free; both sets just kind of made the apartment more homey and I loved them in their own special ways. (Paint also helped, but my old landlord let me deduct the expense of paint from the rent...)

So I've been looking for curtains for the two windows and the sliding glass door of our new apartment and with my new-found love of sewing I've thought about making curtains. But Ikea didn't really have curtains that matched, and the actual expense of buy the exact fabric I wanted would match the cost of most curtains. And then I really really fell in love with those big grommets that have been used as curtain rings so I set myself to finding curtains on sale in a store. Target was going to be my first choice, but I was shopping for a good iron at Bed, Bath and Beyond (Why didn't I put an iron on our wedding registry?), and lo and behold, an angel of the Lord directed me to chocolate curtains with grommets at clearance price. But did I buy them? No. I thought I needed to think about them because they had stripes on them. So I did. I thought about those curtains all weekend and became convinced they were the curtains for me.

So two days later I returned to Bed, Bath and Beyond to find my curtains. I walked past a display and recognized my curtains and realized they matched the little stripes on my pillow and my bedroom art. So I hurried over to the last place I saw them and the display curtains were there but the packages were gone. I became frantic. I looked in the aisles were they usually put the clearance stuff, nothing. I looked in the bedroom clearance, nothing. I looked in the sheet clearance, nothing. And then I found the curtain clearance! But there was nothing. Despair! Defeat, but wait some of the taupe-striped curtains were tucked behind the display curtains above the clearance section. Could it be that there were more hidden clearance curtains? As a matter of fact there were more hidden clearance curtains, but mine were buried on the bottom shelf behind a row. (Don't they WANT to sell these curtains?) I squealed; the woman shopping next to me thought I was a missing little girl, but then I explained my search to her and she smiled indulgently. And then I rushed to the front of the store to buy my curtains that were 50% off with my 20% off coupons (I love BBB for allowing expired coupons on clearance items) and I explained my story to the store clerk who was about as excited for me as a clerk can be. And then I forgot to use the last little bit on my wedding gift cards. But still I got my curtains for so much less than I hoped. AND their purchase required me to go to Ikea to get a curtain rod which I did (79"--it was huge). And I had to use my drill to make holes in the drywall and use drywall screws. And I should have used a tape measure. (Darn!) But the curtains are up. Mike and I are sleeping later because we don't realize when the sun goes up. (Good or bad?) And I have cute curtains that match my bedding. Overall, a success.


Alli said...

Nice find! It's tough to beat a really good deal, and the new curtains look so homey!

Megs said...

For some reason, this whole post made me profoundly happy. Perhaps because i bought new curtains for my bedroom this weekend as well? And i both understand and share the joy in finding the perfect curtains at a great price. Yay!