Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Helpful Hints with the Dimly Seen

If you do laundry, which I really hope you do, you've probably discovered that the containers have shrunk within the past several months. There's no reduction in quality of cleaning, and the manufacturers give some really good reasons such as reducing waste and so I'm all for it.

But have you read the back of the bottle recently? They give two lines: one for a normal load and a second for a large load. But I don't know about you, but my Purex has three lines. (For what? An extra large load? Why don't you put that in the instructions?) And they're very small and see through to boot. Add to the fact that we use the free and clear variation with no irritating fragrances and there's a bit of a problem.

Solution: Pull out your handy dandy sharpie and mark that line! It takes 3 seconds and lasts the whole time you use the bottle. And if it manages to rub off, just mark it again. Mine is on the outside because the cap is transparent (and hence part of the problem), so I don't know how it would work inside the cap. (Bleeding might be an issue.) I've done this twice now and I very rarely overfill the cap. Today when I was doing laundry I actually found myself pouring just a little back in like I was measuring out baking ingredients. (So Susie Homemaker.)

An unexpected bonus, the sharpies look so pretty. I almost used my light and dark blue sharpies so they'd match the rest of the container, but I love that pink.

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