Monday, September 15, 2008

Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Once upon a time when I was still going to work in the church directing education programs, I met with a prof. about going to the Seminary one day to get a Master's degree in Theology. And she told this story about how when she wanted to take classes back in the day the Sem told her that she couldn't register for any of the "real" classes, but she could take Ecclesiastical Embroidery. Ha, ha, ha. Women can only do womanly things to benefit the church. Ha, ha, ha. I hope it's changed. Ha, ha, ha! I'll never do that. Sigh.

Fast forward to my actual Master's program at the Sem. They still have these Seminary Women's Association (actually its name changed from the Seminary WIVES Association), and one of the classes they offered on Tuesday nights is Ecclesiastical Embroidery (though they also offer classes on Revelation and Two Kinds of Righteousness that are quite a bit like the for-credit equivalents). Lots of Sem wives take the class to learn how to decorate stoles for their husbands wear during services. In grade school and high school, I was really big into cross stitch. I always wanted to like "graduate" to embroidery, but I never got the chance. So I found myself really wanting to enroll in this class that I made fun of in undergrad. Fortunately, one of my graduate program friends had no such dilemma and was willing to enroll with me. This was the result:

Actually that was the result that I just finished two hours ago. I think at the end of the 6 week class I had the red cross and the green Trinity symbol done. I finished the purple cross last fall when I thought about the fact that Mike's going to need stoles someday. And then I finished the grain symbol two hours ago. I took the class 3 years ago. Sigh.

Really though? Yay! Because I've just managed to cross off an item on the "crafts to be finished" list. There's more point to this story, but I've got that post set to publish later in the week. Until then... to be continued.

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