Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thwarted again!

So I've been on an ad lit kick recently: the Twilight saga; Uglies by Scott Westerfeld; I restarted Gossip Girl series (I think I read the last ones now--must check wiki); and I just finish The It Girl which is a Gossip Girl spin off.* I can rattle off the intellectual reasons why I find these otherwise fluffy books so enthralling, but basically they're just fun and they don't make me feel like I should be together all the time.

Anyway I finished the It Girl this morning, so I really intended to go back to Crime and Punishment like I promised myself after I finished the Uglies (ie three books ago, but only 5 days).

But... I just got a library notice that Pretties, the second book in Westerfeld's series is waiting for me at the Cincinnati Public Library... so yeah, Dostoevsky will have to wait.

*Just for the record Wuthering Heights was in that mix after Breaking Dawn but before the Uglies so it hasn't all been fluff. And The Shack happened between the two Gossip Girl books.


Sarah said...

B- If you only read two Gossip Girl books, you've only just begun! I am reading book 5...of I believe 9 or 10. :) I justify reading "fluff" because it's supposedly the literature that my students are reading (thought GG may be a bit too "old" for them). Shhh. :)

brnh said...

Oh well, not it's not just the first two GG books; I read about 6 before and during Christmas before I decided I needed to get real about prepping for my lit class and had to swear off. I looked on wikipedia and I still have one more that completes the summer after their senior year (oh so different from the summer after my senior year spent at camp.)

alaina said...

d. is used to waiting. ask him how long he's been waiting on me.
on second thought, don't. I would be embarrassed.