Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silly Things that Make Me Happy

So today when I came into work, I found a whole pile of scrap paper in my mail box. Now scrap paper is generally inferior to post its because they don't have the sticky which is so important in the "posting" nature of notes. (Plus for the anal retentive side of me the sticky keeps all those little pieces of paper neatly lined up.) But today that scrap paper was made out of glossy paper--not quite as thick as photo paper, but still really shiny and very smooth. So it's rather exciting because I can use sharpies on it without having ink bleed through. However, I didn't realize how lovely it is to write in cursive using a ball-point pen. It's like ice skating. It's like swimming. My pen glides over the paper and encourages me to be loopy (and I am generally not a loopy person). I forget how much I like writing when I spend all my time emailing and blogging and facebooking.

I was thinking about this as I decided how important it was for me to pick up new notebooks for my classes this fall. I want to. Target has some really cute designs that I'm not sure say "serious grad student", but certainly don't say "Lisa Frank fanatic". But at least for the Hebrew classes I could get away with just my laptop and my Hebrew Bible (I have all my grammars in electronic format). And if I'm walking to school, less is more. But I'm feeling nostalgia for the old ways. Hour and a half lectures where my hand is cramped and my pinky is ink-stained from my rapid note-taking (the curse of the lefty). Highlighting. Outlining. Is it really the same to record my lectures and be able to cue them to where I was taking notes? It's not. But it's not really comparable either. So how does one decide?

Ah the question of the ancients... or maybe of the moderns... post-moderns?

Until then I'm going to make this cute little notecard holder from A Little Hut for my glossy scrap paper. :-) Yay! Crafting and school.

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