Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Myers Briggs: An Introduction to Me

WARNING: This is a rather narcissitic post. (What? Aren't they all?) Okay it's more forthright than most. If you just want to learn about Myers Briggs go to this website, take the test, and read about the personalities. Then make your own narcissitic post. (FYI If I was writing this in Biblical Hebrew I would have just use a condition followed by imperative, imperative, imperative, followed by the waw-conjunctive plus perfect.)

I'm an INFJ. For many people that means nothing (though I think very few of those people read this blog), but for others it is incredibly significant.

It means I get tired of people sometimes. I never really understood how social gatherings could wear me out so much until I learned from Myers Brigs that I was an Introvert. I always assumed that because I liked people I was an extrovert. Not true. I still like people; I just take better care of myself so that I can continue to like people.

It means I'll almost always think big picture like (iNtuitive). I can do some detail work, but only if I see it in the big picture. I sometimes miss all the trees looking at the forest. I'll always struggle to put my grandiose ideas into concrete words for my sensory-based husband.

It means I'll almost always react with my Feelings before I react with my thoughts. I worked very hard to become a Thinker once, and I did turn out as one on a test I took, but it's not true. I might be able to process through my feelings very quickly, but they're still there to be dealt with first and foremost.

It means, finally, that I'll never be good with loose plans. I like them well-defined ahead of time (Judging). As one of the tests put it I prefer deals signed in pen rather than sealed with a handshake. I work to deadlines whether external or internal. If I don't have structure, I tend to create it. I like routines even if I don't like being held to them. I just like that they exist. :-) I like organizaton. (Hence half my obsession with Ikea.) I really like finishing my blog reader everyday.

I find it incredibly interesting that I share three out of four personality traits with my mom (ENFJ), dad (INTJ), brother (INFP), and husband (ISTJ) and none of those people are the same personality. It shapes the way I talk to people (favoring details with my husband and letting my brother ramble where he will). It defines what I expect of people and of myself. I no longer expect myself to enjoy all day people events and make sure to schedule in alone time. I don't expect the Thinkers in my life to automatically get what I'm feeling and so it's worth it to spend sometime explaining my feelings. I value people for the differences they bring to the table and the perspectives they provide. And I understand why I click better with some people than others.


Alli said...

I'm an INFJ too! We are the rarest type, apparently.

brnh said...

That's awesome! I always knew there was some special about you. ;-)

Megs said...

Apparently, i'm with your mama. ENFJ all the way. Thanks for posting this - Nate and i were talking about Myers-Briggs recently, and i was thinking i wanted to take the test again. i never remember my last letter!

Your explanation/discussions were really handy too.

Not really all that narcissistic, i don't think. :)

brnh said...

Some of my best friends are ENFJs. And the very first time I took the test I came out ENFJ but I was at camp for the first time and coming out of a very introverted period so my slightly weaker E was getting some exercise. I've been an I ever since.

alaina said...

yelling that overstimulated me. can we unite next thursday at like 5:30? Okay good.