Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miren al Tomate!

My Classics friend's rent* gave us grape tomato plants. They managed to survive a rather rough thunderstorm after which I finally found a use for that weird shepherd's staff/plant holder thing that I was gifted with at WLI when a friend couldn't take such a "dangerous object" on the plane. (It makes a lovely grape tomato stake.) A couple weeks ago they blossomed little yellow flowers at which time I started worrying about how all the honeybees are dying off and if there would be enough pollinating insects to make tomatoes. And then we found little green balls. And then we found out we should be watering them more. Oops! (Actually Mike's been watering the tomato plants more than I have; he's so much better at those routine tasks.) But then while Mike was away, I was watering and found an orange tomato which turned red and then I picked it and it was wonderful. Actually I was going to photograph it, but Mike had taken the camera with him so eating was my second best option. Now we've had about 4 more become ripe including this one included for your viewing enjoyment. Plus I found out how to use the macro focus on my digi. Notice how the edges blur. Beautiful. It's so nice to have a balcony on which I can grow things. :-)

*Rent: An older person with whom one lives and to whom one pays rent. Thus more personal than a landlord, but not really a parent, but a "rent".


Michael Hanel said...

Legal Note: Some things (not included here) grown on the balcony are best not photographed in order to protect the innocent.

Alli said...

Oh, those look delicious. I'm obsessed with Macro focus - it's the best.

hannah said...

Miren El Tomate...

Nice Veggie Tales Reference :)

The Tomatoes look great! Now all you need is a basil plant and you've got homemade bruschetta!

nate said...

i'm so proud of mike, so domestic and all. he's come a long way from the days of ramen noodles.

brnh said...

@michael hanel--Shh! That's how people start talking.

@Alli--Thanks! One day I'll make a fun light box like yours.

@hannah--I'm glad someone caught the VT ref. I had to look up the lyrics to find out exactly what that verb was.

@nate--Well, it should be noted he still refuses to EAT the tomatoes; but he does do an excellent job taking care of them.