Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Food Tag

Bah! So Alli's back from Greece and Italy, and I had in mind that I would do her tag before she came back to the United States. (Oh yeah that was two months ago. Great.) I never was great at these things. So it's a weird food tag. And I have to say that my consumption has pretty well normalized due to the fact that my husband both grocery shops and cooks and he's a Guardian so yeah. (Oh my goodness Myers-Briggs has never come up on my blog. I am so slacking.) Anyway 5 weird foods:
  1. My favorite breakfast is Popcorn and Diet Coke usually accompanied by reading in bed for 4 hours before actually starting the day. It's not too weird, but it is a guilty pleasure.
  2. It gets weirder though when I start talking about my love of popcorn and tomato soup. The popcorn kind of acts as oyster crackers, and yeah it was quality dorm cooking.
  3. Cold pizza for breakfast. Actually there's a lot of things I like for breakfast that aren't really considered good breakfast foods. I think I might crave a lot of protein and eggs aren't my fav so I go with the leftover porkchops or spaghetti with meat sauce. And that's it. I'm pretty tapped out on weirdness. So...
  4. This should so be number one on any list, but it's not really weird, unless you consider how much I love it. But DIET COKE just makes my life happy. I have several in a day and I've tried to freak myself out about the aspartame and chemicals and general unhealthiness of soda, but I can't give it up. Most of the time it's not even the caffeine rush; I'm very much a "just for the taste of it" girl.
  5. Oh and this is the weirdest thing I want to try: Beer Margaritas. I'm very intrigued and I hear they taste just like regular margaritas. So one day, I'll find adventurous people to make them with and I'll know.
Basically I'm not a very taggy person, and I still don't have Google Analytics results to know if anyone really does read my blog so I'll tag Hannah, because she helped me figure out sushi.

And one day I'll post about how Myers-Briggs shapes and defines my life.


Michael Hanel said...

So I read in a newspaper, therefore it must be true:
Boost your mood with ...

Popcorn: All-natural air-popped popcorn can raise your levels of serotonin, which might lift your mood.

Of course it doesn't say anything about microwave popcorn...

Alli said...

Close enough to getting it done before I got back - only a few days late! I'm also a big Myers-Briggs devotee. I'm an INFJ (Counselor); Nate's and INTP (Architect). In general, I'm pretty critical of such things, but the Myers-Briggs types are completely dead on for everyone that I know.

brnh said...

Hey, I'm an INFJ too! It's a really good tool for understanding people and letting them be themselves.