Saturday, August 2, 2008

Craft Time

My class is essentially over, and I found some time to pull out my sewing machine again. Yay! Last weekend after I submitted grades I was looking for an quick, easy project, and found in my saved blogs this sewing bag tutorial (HT 30 days). So I made that last Saturday and enjoyed the straight stitches and the ability to use up several languishing scraps. Pretty cute. I'm getting to the point where my sewing stuff is getting a bit unwieldy. Hopefully this will help me get things in a bit more order. Plus it's handy to have all the little things you need to sew or embroider in a little grab-able bag to bring with you to the couch (my favorite crafting spot). Oh and I got to figure out my button hole maker on my sewing machine. My tip: use thread that matches your main fabric color. My use of contrasting thread required me to do a bit of hand-sewing to cover up the lose threads.

This weekend, I decided to try to recreate one of my favorite little Etsy creations: the Gammon mouse from thesmallcatclub. She has some really cute softies that I would love to purchase if we weren't poor graduate students. As it is, I'll go with imitation as the purest form of flattery. :-) But it's really cute. It was also my first softie, so working in 3D to create a pattern from images on the internet was an interesting challenge.

Now if you may have noticed a theme in my crafting: this polka-dotted fabric and things that go with it. Well it's a thrifted king-sized flat sheet and pillowcases. I've just made it through the pillowcases and am currently cutting into the sheet... yay, I'll be in "classic Americana" colors for quite a while. Sigh. But before I can do that I'll need to get some more thread...

It's my first empty thread roll. V. exciting! All in all it's been a good weekend.

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