Sunday, August 31, 2008

Betty Crocker Lives!

So every year my mom buys everyone in the family a calendar and this year she bought me a chocolate calendar which had all sorts of recipes, but mostly they involve melting chocolate which I find rather intimidating until I bought a double boiler at IKEA. (Okay Mom bought me the double boiler, and this recipe didn't really require it, but it's the thought that counts right?) So while I was thinking about grocery shopping (which still didn't happen until Mike got back), I looked at the August recipe and discovered all I needed was chocolate chips. (I still get amazed that I actually have a kitchen stocked with things that lend themselves to baking.) And then Mike went grocery shopping and got both kinds of chocolate chips (milk and semi-sweet).
And then what happened? Well I didn't do anything with them until Mike asked about them (you know in the "they sound really good; I really want to eat these" kind of way). So between our double feature, I made the recipe for Chocolate Chip Dream Bars (and chocolate chips it is--they out number the other ingredients 2 to 1!). We started the second movie when the bars* were cooling.

And then during a chocolate glaze break disaster struck. I turned up the heat too high while melting the chocolate and my chocolate seized!!! And I was trying to remember how to fix it but it was still too hot and then there was burning. So I emptied that batch in the grease jar and washed out the pot and tried again using a much lower heat. (So this version has much less drama. I don't think Mike realized that seized chocolate could be so disastrous.) I drizzled the chocolate, but didn't use the plastic bag idea because I was worried that it would be too hot, but that didn't matter because it was much cooler this time. Mike's a big fan. Huge fan actually because he actually wanted milk with them! (Mike=not a milk fan.) So I'll have to save the month of August so we can make them again.

*I really don't like the baking term "bars". Bars serve alcohol, they aren't populated by many bits of chocolate, but maybe it's just because I'm not from Minnesota.

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