Monday, July 21, 2008

Public vs. Private

This is an "old" article, nearly six weeks old, but I haven't seen it in any of my blog reads until now (via this post which links to this post). It is the autobiographical tale of a blogger's life and her overexposure on the internet. It's sobering and seems to require navel gazing.

I love blogs. I love twitter. I love youtube. I think the internet is a wonderful and amazing. And yet for the first time in my life during and after this online class, I've wanted to be disconnected. It's been arduous to check my email everyday. I fell off the blogging bandwagon. It's not really overexposure in the way the article talks about, but it's still that crash after being immersed in such a distinct and required way. (Sort of like when your hobby becomes your job and all of a sudden its not fun any more.)

I watch my blogger friends go through it. As summer introduced a different rhythm, various people adopted blogging breaks or you know just dropped off the face of the earth. ;-) And I think that's totally allowable. Blogs like most other enforced routines (news cycles most notably) need to be broken in our every changing world. The idea that the same inspiration will be with a blogger day in and day out is blantently false. And so while I balk at the upset in my routine, I'm quite content to let these non-professionals and even professionals go silent for a while (as long as they come back!!!).

But I've watched people get burned out and get burned period by the commenters (which makes me very glad I'm not a truly substantial online presence). And it makes me reexamine my own reasons for starting a blog. And mostly it was to participate and to give back. I enjoyed reading other people's blogs so much that I thought it wasn't fair to just take in their perspective without giving mine back. However that's based on the assumption that people will care, which you, gentle reader, may debate. :-)

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