Friday, July 18, 2008

Memory Overload

Does anyone else get amazed by the sheer amount of memories one has. In the past hour, I've reminisced about:
  • my favorite psalmody (Psalm 141 in Evening Prayer) inspired by catching up on my bible blog,
  • the Happy/Sad tapes my brother and I used to watch, specifically the one about Ping the Duck inspired by the ducks on Norse Pond,
  • Spring weekend (which I never participated it) inspired by the lovely open air gathering space/stage NKU has, and
  • A Knight's Tale where Heath Ledger compares Jasmine to the Bible where Joshua makes the sun stand still also inspired by catching up on my bible blog, but also the second time I've thought about A Knight's Tale because I was listening to a lecture on Chaucer.
I know I'm highly observant and that my mind jumps around a lot. But since I've been watching sci/fi which tends to raise issues about memory and experience, I'm just kind of amazed that we're blessed with so many memories--even dull ones like Spring weekend (my version of Spring weekend--it's much more fun for those who participate).

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