Monday, July 14, 2008

Bloggity blog.

Let's do a list, shall we?
  • For years, I've had friends tell me I should watch Doctor Who, but now thanks to some direction and youtube, I've started watching. I caught up with series 4 (it's series across the pond evidently), and am now backtracking--series 1-2 complete and halfway through series 3. I'm now conversant in all Rose/Donna/Martha debates.
  • Speaking of debates, I've also begun to read the Twilight series and am now rather conversant in the Jacob/Edward debate. I still have Eclipse to go so things could change, but currently I'm still favoring Edward, though Bella is not winning points in my book.
  • Trip across the Midwest went well. Lovely visits with the fam: hillbilly golf with the g-rents, sun, fun, and puppy dogs with my fabulous aunt and uncle in Tulsa, and lots of good homey-ness with my rents. And to top it all off, I got to hang out with Hannahlysis. Cool beans.
  • I'm about three clicks away from being registered for classes this fall at UC. It looks like Modern British Fiction and Novel and Society in the US will be my poison. That also means I'm about 5 clicks away from being registered for an HUC class through UC, but that takes more time. Full-time student life, here I come!
  • My car's dying. We need to get a second opinion, but it poses a major first of grown-up life: car shopping.
  • I have Bedroom Art to complement the Bathroom Art. I'll pose pics soon.
  • We have an HD receiver and now have more public tv stations than one knows what to do with, but I've been watching youtube so...
  • I've officially become a "gardener" with two grape tomato plants and a spider plant. They even survived vacation so that wonderful.
  • Oh and this one's going to impress everyone: I can give you the lineage of the House of Atreus. House of Atreus? Yes, you know, the last of which were major players in the Trojan War. When I wasn't delving in my own pursuits on the car rides, we listened to a lecture series on the Greek Tragedians. Oh yes! It was awesome.
Okey doke. That's all for now. I'm sure I'll expound at a later date on these and other topics.

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