Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bedroom Art

So my parents visited in June right before our family reunion, and as I consulted Mom about curtains (because an apartment looks less like an apartment with curtains), she said what I really needed was big graphic canvases ala Lori on Trading Spaces. These two projects are a result of that. Over the bed is a reproduction of the little throw pillow. I think it's a little bright, but overall it looks fine. Mom and I bought the canvases and paint at Hobby Lobby right before we went to the family reunion and I spent a decent part of the Saturday putting the vision together. There was a crafts table begging to be used. :-)

Then in the corner we have a reproduction of the polka-dotted ribbon in the bedspread, made a bit darker in an effort to tie in the chair. It would have helped to have the chair while I was making the color, but alas, I was at my parents at the time (part 2 a couple weeks later). We found (and used) circle stencil, actually it was from a bubble stencil. And I only did one layer and left it pretty rough for some texture and interest (despite the fact that my perfectionist was crying to make all the edges neat). Oh and laying out the circles required some really finicky math, erasing was necessary and I wish I had saved some of the color mix to go over what the eraser didn't get.

The polka-dotted canvas fits better in the room than it seems in the picture. Now I definitely need rich, brown/tan, easy to slide, light-blocking curtains. :-)

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