Thursday, June 5, 2008

Religion and Spirituality in Literature

Okay so I think I want feedback. I'm about half-way through teaching this online class about Religion and Spirituality in Literature, and it might be the way to go. What I mean is that I normally consider myself a language person. I was the "Non-English major" English major. I enjoyed Linguistics more than Literature. I still love Hebrew and Ancient Near Eastern studies.

BUT well a) breaking into that field isn't going so well (but neither could the Lit. field); b) Hebrew and ANE are cool, people wow about them, but ultimately it's rather removed and studying Religion and Spirituality in Literature is something that can be done on many levels with many age groups; c) with Hebrew/ANE I have trouble conceptualizing where I fit, with RSL I could create a nice little niche for myself in the LCMS/Concordia System; I see several elective/IS classes focusing on RSL in the middle school classroom, authors like Lewis, L'Engle, maybe even O'Connor if I can convince students to like her, upper-level Lit. classes that really plunge into the doctrine; and it's been done before by Rev. Rossow at the Seminary and Gene Veith at Concordia Mequon; but it's all in the LCMS and there's no guarantee there will be openings like that for a while.

So as I begin to rise out of the hazy mist that is "too much time with online classes", those are some of the thoughts that I'm playing around with. I still need to pursue visiting student status for next year at Hebrew Union and University of Cincy. And I'll still keep my options open. Next year maybe be the year for Hebrew to finally take off for me again. But this may be okay too.

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