Thursday, June 12, 2008

NPR and Psuedointelligence

So I've been thinking about returning to my English major roots in graduate school form. I'm teaching a class in Literature. I like reading books, but I know librarianship is not for me so it's stepping it up a notch. However, after being asked what are my favorite areas of Literature (and knowing that I couldn't answer YA and fantasy), I was reminded of how I deemed myself a non-English major English major in undergrad.

And then I was driving to work listening to NPR discuss with an author the release of his new book and I was thinking normally I'd consider myself very smart and literary for listening to NPR and being up on the latest book release. But that's not what an English graduate program is about. NPR doesn't discuss the classics. The closest they get to classical literature is their classic radio programs which I turn off in favorite of Top 40. (Gosh first SATC and now Top 40, I'm going to lose all respect of my 5 blog followers).

I love NPR and I'm not ashamed to admit that I REALLY like saying that I love NPR. I feel connected to the world. I'm mildly up on current events (which never happened before). It's not all about Theology (which I think is not a bad thing at this current point of my life). But I also think that the headiness of being an "NPR listener" has gone to my head. I think it makes me feel like I'm smarter than what I learn from NPR warrants. And it's not all bad, because as listed above, I have grown in ways that I never expected. But I worry that I haven't grown in the direction I wanted to. I haven't been using tools like NPR and my book reading to help me reach my big life goals. But I've still maintained delight in my aura of intelligence.

Curse a little knowledge and a lot of dreams. It seems the perfect recipe for a psuedo intellectual. Want to know more? Here's my google search results:
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