Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Asking Questions

So at almost the exact time I began teaching/guiding my online class, I started watching my series of Sex and the City in preparation for the movie, but also just because I love the series. (Yes, I know. I'm that girl. Judge me later.) I love Sex and the City for many reasons one of which is because I am crazy obsessed with watching writers write. Every episode as I watch Carrie sit down at her 2nd generation Macbook (the one before the pretty colors of the IMac), I live vicariously through her questioning.

But this time around, the SATC episodes provided background noise to my own questions as I begin and guide online discussion boards. And I discovered my typing cadence took on a rather Carrie-like undertone. No, we haven't been having frank discussions of intimate relationships and their connection to religion and spirituality in literature. But Carrie's constant questioning has encouraged me to keep questioning, and it has kept me from answering too many questions. And I'm not totally sure that's a good thing.

The hardest thing about online discussion boards as a moderator is that things you meant to say in several posts at the beginning of the discussion often get casted away in the flow of the masses. And I'm not self-important to believe that I have the right answers and the right direction, but I did have certain goals and points I wanted to bring out. And as the professor, I should be held accountable for completing those goals in a timely fashion. But it kind of feels like using a little bucket to divert the Ohio River. In a classroom, you at least have proper dam building equipment... (way to stretch the metaphor too far) Alright I'm done now.

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Miss Barz said...

Can one truly ever pose too many questions? Do open ended questions provide more responses? Is the intention of asking a question to find an answer or lead to more questions? Do questions make the moderator, or does the moderator make the questions? :-) In keeping with your topic of choice, I thought I'd pose a couple more questions for you, my dear!