Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bathroom Art

This was my weekend project. Actually it began last fall with the "abstract" painting and the purchasing of framing supplies. I used acrylic paint on watercolor paper (because that's what I had and I don't know any better). The acrylics were from a brand called chromacryl which were designed for students to learn how colors blend and such so they're fun to play with. I had two "colorways"--one leaning toward blue and the other toward green. Then I flattened the pages and left them for 4 months. Yesterday I cut the pages into 2x2 in. squares and played with them until I had a design and tacky glued them down. My one regret is that I cut out the black poster board before everything was settled and then I got a little off center. Maybe one day I'll rectify it, but until then I have color on my bathroom walls. Yay!

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