Monday, March 3, 2008

Three in a Row

Whew! I don't think I've ever been this committed to a blog before. I did make it past my bro's record. So Mondays are my busy day. Do you want to hear why?

6:45am A decent waking time. I get up before Mike because then I can climb back into bed while he hogs the bathroom. :-)
7:45am Leave the house to pick up Jacob, the 4yo I take to preschool, whose mother is a "dancer". Yeah.
8:30am Return to apartment and do chores/pack my bags.
9:00am Leave for Bible Study. This is Zion's Monday morning Women's Bible Study. We love Zion, but it's on the east side of Cincy and everyone lives near it so it takes me a half hour to get there. It's well worth it. The women are very nice, and it's good for me to be in a bible study that doesn't function as a Theology class.
11:30am Leave Bible Study and head to NKU. No I don't start working at noon. That'd be bad, but NKU is on my way home and I realized that I really only had 20-30 min. to make lunch and eat before I had to head down the exact same highway I've already driven on 2 times that morning. So I pack a lunch and my work clothes and go to the health center to workout. The first time was horrible and I was so tired, but now at least I'm self-satisfied at my excellent work ethic. :-P
1:00pm Eat really quick before work.
1:15pm Begin working. My normal long day at the library includes overdues, reserves, and doing random jobs around the library. It also normally involves eating food that people bring in (which is justified by the fact that I just worked out). :-)
7-ish pm I remember to eat dinner.
9:40pm We close the library.
10:24pm I get home and get ready for bed.

It is one long day...


Eric said...

Heya BRNH. See what adding a link to your Facebook page can do? I get to be your first commenter. Commentor? Commentator? Well, at least I can spell "first"....

brnh said...

Way to be, Eric. You could be the "first to comment" because I don't know how you would spell that either.