Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow day...

I haven't left the house in almost 48 hours. The blizzard warning expired about 4pm, but everything in Cincinnati has been shut down so there's not much to do even if we could get out. There's been brief openings of the sliding door and a quick run out to the front of the apartment to look at what's been plowed, but otherwise my world measures 800 sq. ft. And for the most part Mike's been here with me trying to make the best of his collapsed plans to research all day in the library. A studier and a non-studier sharing 800 sq. ft.--that's been a challenge. I finally had to start baking just so I could do something different. (I wish I had decided that something different was going to be Hebrew translating or doing some reading for the Religious Lit class this summer. Too bad.)

It's interesting what happens when your world shrinks down to such a small area. You really have to see what makes up you. Currently what makes up me is a rather lazy, yet domestic person. I feel very removed from "academic mode". Should it change?

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