Friday, March 21, 2008


It's 1am. I'm never up at 1am unless I'm in the midst of an all time girl talk. I'm certainly never on my computer at 1am. But the Friends DVD ended, and this provides a good source of light.

Why am I awake at 1am? The simple answer is that I had several jelly beans at 10:30 which gave a nice sugar shock. But the more complex answer involves big thoughts about big dreams. Issues of plans and purpose, casting away stones and gathering them together.

But none of it makes sense now at 1am. Light from the computer screen isn't the most illuminating.

P.S. Dear blogger, Please remember to leave the dramatic postings up to Hannah. She does them much better. ;-)

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hannah said...


Ummm Thanks?

I hope that things are going better for you today, sleepless/restless night or no.