Monday, March 10, 2008


So I joined a women's bible study. And if you know me, you know this is like joining an LWML circle. (Not that I don't support LWML; it's just not for me.) But I joined because I had the time and it was a way to get involved in church things without a huge commitment and I have this overwhelming need to be normal and this one is the most important thing: I thought it was really important that I figure out how to enjoy bible studies with normal people where we don't get into theological discussions about the filioque controversy. Sem was great. Seward was great. But I didn't hang with the normal church-goer crowd and now that we're normal church members I should figure out how to be one.

But we're studying Mary and Martha. And there are so many books about Mary and Martha. And we're learning how to distinguish "concern" from "worry". And the bible study writer keeps randomly quoting Greek words. (That bothers me. You can introduce a concept associated with a word without smarting off. Though it's so easy to do and I do it too much. However it's interesting to note, they never do that with Hebrew.) And I get annoyed and then I have to chastise myself for not being like Mary and choosing the better part. :-P Dear me. Actually what I have to do is remind myself that it's about the fellowship and about appreciating all approaches to scripture and especially appreciate the fact that this is what I need.


M LO said...

I'm with you about the smarting off. It's a little annoying. Plus, smarting off is so great to say.

Oh, and I understand what you mean about doing things normally after grad school- I once told a group of people talking about the Morte D'Arthur that I thought it was something Roland Barthes wrote. I thought it was a hilarious joke, but it became less funny when I had to explain the theory behind the "death of the author". I guess that was my own signal to stop smarting off and to start talking about a text without a bunch of side references and useless facts.

But anyway, good for doing things normally and getting back to enjoying bible studies.

brnh said...

Yeah, it's fun to revel in nerdiness but it's a audience specific act.