Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IKEA Opening!

So it finally happened. IKEA (aka the reason I moved to Cincy) opened today at 9am. I wasn't there at exactly 9am and I didn't camp out, but I was one of the first 2500 customers (I won a bogo free frozen yogurt) and I did contribute to their opening day profit. Here's part of my haul:

There were no furniture purchases. I find that place so overwhelming. I think I need to make weekly trips to get used to it all. Anyway, I found that I couldn't think clearly enough to make the decisions I needed to make in that regard. However, our living room is that much closer to the navy/chocolate gold theme with floor cushions and rug(s). There are also some very cute shades of blue tealights that did not get in the picture. I bought matching bedside floor lamps for Mike and I (one is pictured). The white thing is a set of drawer organizers for our dresser that we bought from the Detroit IKEA back in July. I'm quite satisfied and have to say "I LOVE IKEA!!!"

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hannah said...

You know, I was in Walmart tonight, and they have a REALLY very cute royal blue and brown polka dotted pillow that would go swimmingly with your living room.