Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Fresh Start

Okey doke. So I'm blogging. It's official. It's public. I'm scared. But I'm here and I feel it's really important for me to have a blog because other people's blogs give me such enjoyment and connectedness that it's really not fair for me to take and take without giving back.

I will say I hesitate to blog much because I worry about being appropriate and safe and, well, not dumb. So here's the deal I'll post if you (the currently fictional audience) overlook my dumb moments and just read and sometimes comment and hound me in real life if I go too long without posting.

Current events:
  • Grad school: Application to Hebrew Union is complete and under review. Estimated time of decision: end of March.
  • Chase Law Library: My performance review when exceedingly well. They like me, they really like me.
  • Church: Mike's leading a Nooma bible study series on Sunday mornings (to end at Easter). I'm getting more involved with bible study, this Jerusalem market thing, and subbing for Sunday school.
  • Recreation: I haven't sewn a lot since Christmas, but I'm starting to feel a desire too. I did just make some costumes for Jerusalem market so I think I need to make something for myself. Otherwise I'm reading A LOT (like 8 books in the past month) but most of it has been adolescent lit. so I don't know if it really counts.
  • Hebrew: And someday I'll start being regular about my Hebrew study. Not having an arranged meeting time where someone expects me to have things done is rough on me. But self-discipline is bread and butter of grad programs so I've got to work on it. Bibleworks is now installed on my Macbook so hopefully I'll get used to switching platforms and the like.
  • Social: I like people. I need to see more of them during the week. We went to the Classics Prospective party last night and it was really fun to talk to people I haven't seen since November. It should happen more often.
  • Friends: Friends are really great. I need to connect with them more often.
That's all for now.

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