Monday, March 24, 2008

Falling off the Blogging Bandwagon

Oh dear. I was doing so well and then I guess my life must have returned to normal because I never have blogged so regularly in my life. So bullet points:
  • Rather important, yet inconsequential news: I heard from Hebrew Union. I've been wait-listed, and unlike Warner from Legally Blonde, I have no rich father to buy my spot/pull some strings. But it's okay, they like me. They just want to be able to give me money. So hopefully other people won't want HUC to give them money and I'll get a happier response. I'll know by April 18th.
  • Somewhat important, but depending on the outcome maybe be inconsequential news: I've been following the Issues, Etc. debacle on Wittenberg Trail, Lutherquest, and ALPB forum. Most of the readers don't care so I won't expound, but wow seeing confessional Lutherans in action has been indescribable. I prefer to observe.
  • More uplifting news: I have a contract to teach Religion and Literature at Seward (online, so at the virtual Seward) so that's definitely going to happen. Now all I need is a textbook list. Do they send those in the mail too?
  • Happy news: Chase Law Library is having their booksale. It's not as big as the Sem's but I was helping set up and found a Loeb*. And not just any Loeb, a Loeb that Mike was actually planning to buy somewhere in the near future. I rock!
  • More happy news: Mike did our taxes. (He rocks!) We're getting money back! Yay!
I think that's about it. I'll see what else I can scrounge up during the week.

*A "Loeb" is a book from the set of Classical texts published by Harvard which are pretty much da bomb in Classics circles.

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