Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Better Pictures

I (well Mike) finally got the digital camera to download to my Mac so I've got pictures. Several actually.

Some people may have stir-crazy, snow bound significant others to make them light boxes (Allison!). The rest of us must make do with what we have and in this case it was a lovely blanket of snow in afternoon light. It's the picture I wanted to upload but couldn't. I had a lot of fun just experimenting with the embroidery stitches and figuring out which stitch works best for what kind of line I want. I need to work on my stem stitch.

Another snow day picture, because the first one happened way too easily and didn't take up enough time. This is the small tote from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. It's made of oh-so-cute Hobby Lobby animal print fabric. I am especially proud of how I lined up the stripes just right. I also used a decorative stitch on the handles and around the top to use up the bobbin of gold thread. (Note to self: get more bobbins.) I really want to keep it, but it deserves to be sent off to one of the little girls I know and love. Oh but it's so cute!!!

I love Amy Karol's book, but it has so many cute things for kids and not so much for me. Though next on my list of things to do is the larger tote for me as a nice summer bag.

This last set is also a Bend the Rules Sewing pattern--the artsy clutch. I made it back in October as one of my first sewing projects. It's made from the shawl of the bridesmaid dress I wore to Laura's wedding and some thrifted fabric (evidently Laura Ashley pillowcase that EVERYONE I know had and loved). It was my first experiment with free hand embroidery and probably turned out a little too well because now the idea of using a pattern seems so dull. However, this little flower was a common high school doodle so I had a lot of practice (and used a marking pencil to sketch out a design first).

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Alli said...

Cute stuff! I love Bend the Rules Sewing, but I have yet to make anything from it. I have the fabric all ready for an artsy clutch, but just haven't gotten around to sewing it. Your version looks great!